dBizi is the public e-bike system of Donostia/San Sebastián. It caters for users of all ages thanks to its electrical assistance, which allows all geographical and distance barriers to be overcome. 

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Little Bit About Us

Bonopark is a young Spanish company dedicated to sustainable transport.
Started up in 2009, its first venture was the design and manufacture of an e-bike model, whose sale to private interests was a notable success.

In this way, the company spotted an opportunity to place the product in the market niche for sustainable city transport. First, Bonopark needed approval for their charging docks, which didn't exist up at that point. When they were successful in doing so, they began to submit bids to public tenders in a number of municipalities and cities.


I'd never travelled by bike in San Sebastián until dBizi arrived. I decided to try it out and now I´ve been using it for six months: it's become my favourite mode of transport.

Ane Pérez

I use the bike every day to go to work, I don´t like being dependent on timetables and it works out cheaper than the bus.

Estibalitz Elvira


Calle Mauricio Legendre, 40
28046 Madrid
Teléfono: 917 822 654