Our background


E-bikes Donostia/San Sebastian public system, inaugurated in 2013, becoming the first city in the world which has a 100% electric system.
After an extension of the system counts with 16 stations and 110 e-bikes.


E-bikes Madrid public system, inaugurated in 2014. After an extension of the system counts with 165 stations and 2028 e-bikes.

About us

We are a global mobility operating company in research and development dedicated to sustainable mobility. We start our way in 2009 developing an independent sharing e-bike system.

What we offer


Compounded of totem and anchoring bases
Module design of easy installation
Totem including data system
Bases with load electric charge


Bikes approved by EN-15194 regulation with electric motor
Assisted pedaling
ID Chip
Urban design

Administration software

Global integrated information system:
   Management control
   User website
   User app
Software support infrastructure


Street instalacion maintenance
Fleet maintenance
Active bike distribution according to the needs
Customer Service Department

Contact with us

Calle Labastida, 2
28034 Madrid
Teléfono: +34 917 293 453
Fax: +34 915 640 356